Beat Cal

During construction on the Bing Concert Hall, Sustineo shows it’s support for Stanford’s football team.

In September, Sustineo was awarded a solar PV rooftop installation by Stanford’s prime contractor SunPower. The project included 4 rooftop locations. While Stanford has been installing solar for years, the project on top of the Bing Concert Hall was different – Sustineo decided to show its school spirit and support for Stanford Football during construction by spelling out “BEAT CAL” inside the solar array.

The rooftop project on Bing is comprised of 480 modules or 156-kW. The PV system will produce an estimated 242-MWh annually and help offset the electricity used during performances. Sustineo was honored to assist Sunpower with the installation and help Stanford commission another solar energy project.

On behalf of the Sustineo team, we’re giving a shout out for Stanford football to “BEAT CAL” on November 19th!

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