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Sustineo’s full service solar washing.

Cleaning Services

Total maintenance and care package for your solar installation.

At Sustineo, we not only design and build solar, we provide high-tech, expert cleaning to help you maintain quality and power. Sustineo employs expertise, experience and the latest technology to clean your system quickly and efficiently. Clean solar panels are happy solar panels. Read on to discover how we can help you care for your solar asset.


Why Wash Solar Panels?

Maintain integrity, Improve exposure and increase output.

With the highest cleaning capacity on the market, our washing robots are a quick and efficient solution for cleaning solar panels.

Our robots can be separated into 4 parts – the heaviest can be carried by one person. Thus, the robot has been engineered to be mounted, unmounted and transported by a single person. Installation is meant to be fast and easy with few steps to follow.

The robot is battery-powered and controlled from ground level thanks to a remote control.

Our robots are efficient on all solar panel types. The size of brushes (27″ or 87″) enables minutious cleaning of the panels’ sides. To enhance the efficiency of the brushes, they have been fitted with two different fiber types and a helicoidal form, not leaving any trace. Thus, the solar panels regain their fullest efficiency.

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PV Module Cleaning

Up to 15% Performance Increases

In recent years, there has been increasing deployment of PV installations in desert regions. In these areas, regular dry‐cleaning of PV modules is conducted to avoid potentially high‐performance losses due to significant soiling. In this paper, an overview of typical PV module cleaning methods and systems used today is given. The cleaning systems are sorted into four main categories: truck mounted, semi‐automated, portable and fully automated. The potential impact of the cleaning methods on the PV modules themselves is also described and the technical requirements and specifications of each cleaning system are provided. Considerations for the selection of a specific method are evaluated and it is explained how to weigh the advantages of each system against capital and operational costs.

Read the Cleano Whitepaper PDF

Water Treatment

Complete water treatment with environmentally friendly, non-harmful cleaning agents.

Reverse osmosis and deionized water is used for cleaning module surfaces. Total Dissolved Solids can be brought down below 10-ppm.

Performance | Simplified

Our differentiators and expertise.

Sustineo uses two types of robots that operate on rooftops, ground mounts, and carports. The robots can be disassembled to accommodate carrying them up on to roofs, as well as moving them from array to array. Operators will examine your installation to determine the best robot for your project.

sustineo uses the Cleano robot for maximum efficiency.

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