Sustineo performed site evaluations for 20 locations and developed constraints map. Created a ranking matrix based on site specific data and client hierarchy. Investigated roof top, parking structure, and park lot areas to determine interconnection locations. Met with LADWP to understand both their solar incentives available to LAX as well as interconnection requirements for the entire LAX solar portfolio. Created preliminary system designs, equipment layouts, and hourly generation profiles to estimate the financial savings. Created detailed financial pro-formas and determine the levelized cost of energy. Reviewed existing meter data and calculated the avoided cost of power based on time of use utility rates. Created a detailed analysis on findings and wrote a report recommending which sites should be utilized first for quick deployment.


  • Entire facility (20MWp)
  • 15 sites
  • Rooftop, Carport and Parking Structure
  • 1-year Study
  • Financial Analysis
  • Preliminary Layout and Design