EMMYS (2011)


SUSTINEO created design and permit drawings for submittal to LADBS. Pulled permit for temporary construction and created grounding strategy for temporary structures. Engineering Design & Permitting Package; Permitting & Plan Check Support; Taught the union crews the basics on solar PV installation and construction as well as managed the installation. Wired all modules, combiner boxes, inverter, and disconnect switches. Interconnected the inverter and fully commissioned the system so that it was 100% operational before, during and
after the event.

Once the event was over, managed the disassembly and packaged the components for donation to Habitat for Humanity. After all equipment was donated by Fox Studios, Sustineo worked with the Inland Valley – Habitat for Humanity chapter to design residential PV system so that they could install the systems on 23 houses
that were under construction.


  • Canopy (30kWp)
  • 480V Interconnection Voltage
  • 1 Interconnection Point
  • 1-week Design-to-Install
  • 3-day Permit in Los Angeles
  • 600Vdc Design
  • FOX donated moduals to Habitat for Humanity